Monday, May 17, 2010

Basic Student Ministry Tip #43 - Respond, don't react

When you or the ministry are "accused" of saying, doing or believing something that is contrary to that of your church, and problems are on the horizon, try the follow:
  • Pray and ask for patience (most of us forget patience and just react)
  • Get all the facts, not the "hearsay"
  • Seek counsel from an elder or supervisor and ask them to pray
  • Speak to the source of the accusation
  • If it is just a breakdown in communication, clearly explain and move on
  • If necessary, ask for forgiveness and share the correction you intend to make. Make the "correction" public, this helps communicate clearly the ministries beliefs and direction
ALWAYS address issues that could be harmful to ministry or those that question your ability to lead. Continue to seek God's direction, and the wisdom from those surrounding you who have life experience and a strong relationship with Christ.