Sunday, November 23, 2008

Longevity In Ministry

Random thoughts that could help you stay in ministry:

Keep the main thing the main thing.
Remember to always make your family the first priority and ministry.

The church was there before you and it will be there after you.
The church universal will remain weather you are there or, the same can't be said for your family.

Get into God's Word.
God gave us His Word for our personal growth, strength and understanding of what we are called to do and how to live.  Don't just read the Bible to prep for messages, read the Bible to be more like Jesus.

Develop your leaders, not your ego.
Everyone likes to be loved, feel needed and wanted.  However, ministry is about equipping and training people to lead others to Christ.  Ministry has no place for egos, although there seems to be many of them out there.

Take time off.
Make sure you get away from the church building at least once a week.  There will always be more to do and never enough time (read point number two again).

Create a support group.
Gather people around you who will pray and support you, even when you make mistakes!

Reading the Bible and prayer are often neglected by pastors who struggle and are our most important tools.  Be in constant communication with God, this means listening as much as talking.

Look for mentors.
Find pastors and leaders who have been in "successful" ministries, buy them lunch and learn from their stories and experience.

Finally, ask other leaders what you should add to this list.


Jerry Olmsead said...

Great stuff Todd, you have a natural ability of writing.

Youth Ministry said...

Communication with your senior pastor and staff really will help put out fires.

Great Job on your blog!