Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mix It Up!

Have you ever had the feeling that you just don't connect to your students the way you once did.  If you have been at the same church or in the same ministry for any amount of time, this is a normal feeling.  We "run out" of funny stories and use our best illustrations too often leaving us wondering if we have anything left to keep our students attention.

One way to keep things fresh and exciting is to have different adults and students share their stories.  Look, listen and ask others about "life changing" stories they have heard and incorporate them into your student services.  Most people are willing to help but apprehensive to speak in public.  A great way to ease the nerves of those sharing is to have an “interview” time of sharing.  Prepare questions in advance, give them to the person sharing their testimony and have a rehearsal.  Have two chairs and a small table in the front during the actual service to make it a little less intimidating.  If the person is against speaking in public, ask if they would be comfortable sharing on video.

Often, a personal testimony is exactly what is needed to allow students to see that God is doing amazing things in more than just the youth pastor/leaders life.

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Larry and Jennifer Darnell said...

Todd, thanks for sharing this idea to freshen up the student services. I appreciate your blog. God bless you.-- Larry