Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Effective Meetings

Meetings are important and necessary in building an effective ministry.  However, many of us waste valuable time of our leaders and volunteers though ineffective and poorly planned meetings.  I hope some of the tips listed will help you plan and facilitate meetings that matter.

1. Meeting preparation:
  • Should a team help plan and give direction to the meeting or is it one that you plan alone
  • What do you want to accomplish through the meeting?  What is the purpose?
  • Establish doable goals.
  • Is this meeting necessary or can you have three conversations to accomplish the goal?
2. Participation:
  • Check to make sure all "necessary" people can attend the meeting.
  • Postpone the meeting if key participants are unable to attend.
  • Give at least two weeks notice of meetings so participants will have time to schedule and RSVP.
3. Distribution of all material:
  • Mail/email all meeting material out at least 48 hours in advance allowing participants time to read through them.
  • Contact each participate to make sure they received the materials, don't assume they received them.
4. During the meeting:
  • Set a positive tone.
  • Help the group stay focused.
  • Refer to the material that was distributed before hand.
  • Involve everyone, don't allow the dominant personalities to control the meeting.
  • Create specific follow-up actions with deadlines.
5. Post meeting
  • Email meeting minutes within 24 hours.
  • Follow-up individually with each member who has ownership of a follow-up us action to offer encouragement, support and accountability.
  • Debrief the meeting to ensure that you are continuously improving and building successful teams and leadership.

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