Monday, August 10, 2009

Fill Er' Up

When I accepted my first "full-time" ministry position I was very excited and very nervous.  I lacked many skills and abilities that come only from experience, but the one thing I had was energy... and a great deal of it.

I was a young full time college student working part-time and now serving as a youth pastor in a small church where "youth pastor" really equated to anything needing to be done.  It was during this time period I began to develop poor habits that would eventually lead to my ministry of "self" and not Jesus.  Instead of prioritizing my responsibilities, I found that working and studying twenty hours a day would allow me to accomplish all that I felt I needed to do.  My priorities were simple; school, job, ministry, friends, church and bringing up the rear was a personal investment in my relationship with Jesus Christ. 

More than seventeen years later I still have a list of responsibilities, in fact it’s larger, and I am tempted to go back to those twenty hour days and have.  However, I am a little smarter and realize that my first priority must always be the personal investment in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

When I am tired and spent and try to continue to minister, I do so out of the resources and strength of me. I don't have the patience, discernment, grace, love... okay, I lack most of the attributes of Christ.  It is only when I take time to retreat, refresh and renew regularly that I am most effective in my ministry and honoring to God.

Take time to "fill er' up" and watch the amazing things God will do through you, not because of you.


Martin said...

You are my favorite "author" and I read a great deal of books and blogs. You have a way of reaching your readers. Please continue to write and I hope to someday add a book to my library bearing your name.
Thanks for allowing God to speak through you.

I have also emailed you to ask some questions and gain some insight.

For His Plan,

enpplus3 said...

thanks for the reminder, I am tired and empty and wondering why I am doing this. only to realize that I have put Christ at the end is so embarrassing. thanks.