Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Excerpt from Sustainable Youth Ministry

With more than 30 years of youth ministry experience Mark DeVries has provided a valuable tool to anyone who works in the area of youth ministry.  In his easy-to-read book, Sustainable Youth Ministry, Mark gives encouragement and tools for developing a youth ministry that will last beyond youth pastors and give health to those involved.  The following is an excerpt from chapter 8, Aligning the Heart.

When we have little to no life outside our ministries, we can easily develop unrealistic expectations, thinking that the church should "parent" us, provide a close circle of friends for us, offer worship and teaching stimulating enough that we always "get something out of it." But when we have a life outside work, we approach our imperfect institutions with a peace that can lead to long-term change. When I begin to take myself and my situation too seriously, it helps to remember that, in the animal world, it's the most intelligent creatures that play.

Take time to make new friendships, play and enjoy the life God gives you in and outside the church.

I highly recommend Sustainable Youth Ministry for anyone working or volunteering in youth ministry.

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