Friday, September 4, 2009

No Bully Zone

I saw a bully today in action today.  I choose to watch and see the effects of the bully rather than engage him and challenge the thoughts behind his actions, which is what I would usually do. 

Steve, the bully, was late for the bus and appeared very irritable.  As the driver opened the door, he looked at the young child in the front seat and told him with a very serious tone, "move it, that's my seat today... NOW!"  The young boy moved without hesitation and Steve took the seat. The bus driver didn't say a word (which is another blog in-it-self) allowing Steve to control the bus and intimidate the students on it.  

As leaders of students, how many of us have bullies that control and "run" areas of our ministry by their actions towards leaders, students and programs.  How often are we given the opportunity to confront them in a Godly way to hopefully teach them but yet choose to ignore it. There is a time for grace, but there is also a time to teach and challenge the bullies. May God give you strength and discernment to know when and what to use to point the bullies to Jesus.

I will be praying for you... and your bullies!


Nick Arnold said...

I have a kid who has that kind of influence, but it's very subtle. He's not someone who is outright a bully, but he has a lot of sway over the other kids in the group. I've never thought of it as bullying, but in some ways, it is.

Maybe I'll sit him down and talk to him about it. We're on a level where I could do this and he wouldn't be offended because he knows I care about him.

Mike Jacobs said...