Thursday, October 22, 2009

Basic Student Ministry Tip 31 - Refuel

For those who care for the souls of others, you need to find time to refuel your soul. Leaders often discover they are running on low and are trying to grow in their relationship with God from the fumes instead of fuel.  If you rely on Sunday to recharge and refuel your spiritual tank, you might want to consider finding another way. Most pastors and church leaders are often pulled in many different directions on Sunday making it a time of intense work rather than refreshing worship. 
Take time to talk with your pastor or church leaders to gain wisdom and suggestions on how to make sure you have a time of worship. Daily refueling is necessary, so is having a time each week to worship with a group of people who simply love Jesus and desire to grow.

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Pastor Dave said...

I like your post and look forward each time a new one is up.