Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Satisfied Costumer

Another Sunday, another satisfied costumer??  For more than 16 years I have been in full time student ministry and wondered what a real "successful" Sunday would really look like.  I have had some of the most incredible spiritual highs; praying with students who wanted to make that first time personal commitment to Jesus, seeing students and adults raising hands through praise and worship in music and message (yes, message), seeing mission teams come home and stories reflect heart and life style change, feeling like I shared from the heart and God blessed that beyond anything I could have planned (go figure), and many, MANY more.  Most of us have wonderful, amazing, unbelievable stories we could share that would lead many, including ourselves, to believe that Church was good and successful.  Really though, what makes church good?  I'm not a deep thinker and I wouldn't consider myself a scholar, I just can't help but think of how we direct generations of students.  I think I have been guilty of treating students and families like costumers, wanting them to leave satisfied and to be happy with the "product" that I was trying to market.  Over time and through much time alone with God I have come to the conclusion that I am not to "market" Jesus.  That I can not look for the next way to "sell" HIM to another vulnerable student who is hurting and needing a friend, not a sales pitch or one liner that "cures all" with a money back guarantee.  I am trying to let God lead me but I continue to find myself out front trying to lead the charge.  I no longer want to sell but to be sold out!  I no longer want to guarantee a cure, I want to live a changed life letting others see that I have found THE CURE.  I don't want another satisfied costumer, I want to BE the satisfied costumer.
Living for Jesus & Loving it!

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Taft, Washington said...

WOW! Great stuff. I so often feel like a car salesman and not a youth pastor. Thank you.