Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Growing up I played baseball for many years.  I played for some great teams, some good teams, and some teams that were at least "giving good effort" according to our coach.  Over the years I learned a great deal about the game and found out that each coach had a different style and manner in how they taught.  The guys I played with also approached the game (and practice) differently.  Some were very intense and wanted to win at all cost while others were simply content to wear the team jersey.  I learned quickly that coaches treated players very differently and the good coaches adjusted their teaching to the players.  However, there seemed to be one resounding phrase that every coach, player and even the fans used during a game..."keep your eye on the ball."  Keeping your eye on the ball met that a player had a greater chance of making contact while at bat or make a play on the ball in the field when it was hit in their general direction.  Over time "keep your eye on the ball" translated into one word for me, focus.  Focus allows a player to cut out all the chaos and distractions around them to see the ball and game as it is.  I believe as Christians we are constantly reminded to focus, to cut out the chaos and distractions and live life as God intended it.  We are reminded in Hebrews 12 to run with perseverance and to fix our eyes on Jesus.  I want to focus!  Focus on my first love, Jesus.  Focus on my wife and children.  Focus on my ministry.  God has not called me to music ministry, children's ministry, senior/ lead ministry, or any other ministry that seems to "need" me or beg of me.  God has called me to the greatest ministry within the church, youth ministry.  My prayer is that I keep my eye on the ball!
Living for Jesus & Loving it!

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Sarah O. said...

I came across your blog and loved this post. I am thankful for the reminder to keep my eyes on Christ and his purpose for my life. Thank you very much. I will continue to follow your blog.