Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today I spent much of the day in a house with more than forty people that was designed for...well, less than that.  I am a people watcher when ever I am in a public place so often I find myself watching those I am around in personal settings as well.  I watched as those who came in looked to be welcomed and those hosting were trying their hardest to accommodate everyone while not breaking off conversations in a "rude" manner.  After gather in some of the rooms of the home, many immediately began to engage in conversations while some stood along the parimiter waiting for someone to notice them and strike up a conversation.  I always find it interesting that some people are naturals at conversations while most struggle to have a creative question or even the ability to formulate an "on-the-spot" answer when presented with a question.  The more I watched the more I began to think about my ministry and simply, ministry in general.  We want to Walk Across The Room or Get Out of the Boat (both great books) as well as encourage those around us to be "good host" and welcome those who attend our ministry programs and services in hopes that they will return and eventually see and discover that personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  HOWEVER, today I learned a valuable lesson that I have preached and believed for many years, serve in the areas you are gifted in.  I know, I almost feel stupid for admitting this but for the first time, I SAW IT.  I saw people using their gifts, not to promote the Kingdom, but to make people feel welcome and not alone.  I can't force students to feel comfortable welcoming other students anymore than I can force them to have a good voice.  I pray that I look for those who have and want to use their gifts for Kingdom building purposes and encourage them to more in the right direction, and if they don't want to...I will probably forget this post and force them.  Let's hope not!  
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