Friday, July 3, 2009

Basic Student Ministry Tip 15

A great way to save your time and budget is share resources.  How to utilize sharing resources among ministries:
  • While programming for the year make a list of the materials, resources and items that will be needed for your programs and events.
  • Consider an "all church" mailing that includes a list of items that might be needed throughout the year to help with a ministry program or event.  Ask those that receive the mailing to fill in their contact information and check all items that they would allow church ministries to borrow.  *Please don't forget to budget for repairs and replacement if something should break.
  • Connect with other local churches to borrow their resources.  We are ALL called to be good stewards, not just our church.
  • Advance planning gives you enough time to email a list of needs to see if other leaders have any of the items.
  • Share first; this opens the door for others to be generous with you.
  • Encourage others ministry leaders to look for ways to share resources.
  • Return items clean and on time.  If you find yourself sharing often, create a team of volunteers who will pick-up and drop-off.  
Start sharing and you will begin to start saving!

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Connor said...

Wonderful ideas. Thank you for you blog, it had been very helpful to me in my first six months as a youth leader in my local church.