Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Youth Ministry Questions & Thoughts After 17 Years

  • Why do people think youth ministry is a "stepping stone" to real ministry?
  • How can we stop entertaining and really engage students?
  • If you "twit" in Twitter what do you do in facebook?
  • Why do we give our conscious credit when the Holy Spirit deserves it?
  • Why aren't more youth ministries working with the schools instead of just eating lunch there?
  • If more people worship and experience closeness to God through music, shouldn't we spend as much time singing as we do listening in church?
  • Why do we get so dangerously close to the "seat" of judgment?
  • More churches need multiple pastors who speak... my church ( does an amazing job at this.
  • Why are so many churches reaching their region and not their neighbors?
  • We need more churches to implement "special needs" programs!
  • If the goal for every great youth pastor becomes writing book and speaking tours, who will lead the daily grind of ministry?
  • Why can't more pastors sweep the floor?
  • Why is so hard to communicate the ministry vision, purpose, values and events that we lead?
  • How come so many pastors and leaders "preach" spiritual health and do nothing to strengthen their own?
  • Why are youth pastors half the age of lead pastors and does that mean I need to change roles soon?
  • Why is God's grace so easy to receive and yet so hard to give?

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