Monday, July 13, 2009

Leadership Skills

Here is a list of characteristics a successful leader has or is working towards.  This is a short list that I picked up from a friend; feel free to add to it in efforts of developing your leadership skills.
  • Integrity - be honest.
  • Vision - plan and prepare for good things in the future today.
  • Trusting - trust others in order to be trusted.
  • Be Positive - look for the good in people and circumstances.
  • Compassionate - care for people.
  • Motivator - encourage and get others excited about being involved.
  • Commitment - follow through.
  • Prepare - be ready, for anything. 
  • Flexible - be ready and able to change due to circumstances.
  • Communicate - share your ministry information with parents, students, leaders, etc.
  • Brave - be willing to take chances.
  • Respectful - do to others as you would... you get the point!
As a Christian leader your first priority is to keep your personal relationship with God fresh, pray, read His Word everyday and continually ask for His direction in your life and ministry.

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Gerri M said...

I have printed this list and put it on the wall of my office and continue to add more.
Thanks todd