Friday, April 24, 2009

How Contagious Are You?

In our family we believe in sharing.  In fact, we share almost everything, including the common cold and flu.  Recently my daughter had the flu, shared it with my son who then passed it on to me.  My wife seemed to have been the lucky one and missed the opportunity to stay in bed for 24 hours while moaning and making many trips to the... you get the idea.

As I thought about how easily the flu bug passed through our family it was a great reminder to me about my faith and witness.  After recovering from the 24-hour flu, I began to examine my life, motives and witness.  What I saw in my life was not always reflective of Jesus.  Jesus' life was full of compassion, grace, mercy, truth and integrity (just to mention a few) and people were drawn to that.  In fact, many followed Jesus because they couldn't imagine doing anything else after meeting Him.  HE WAS CONTAGIOUS!

I want my life to be contagious!  I want others to "catch" what I have simply by being in contact with me.  My heart's desire is to serve Christ more and reflect all of His attributes.  

How contagious are you?  Where is your heart and motives today?  If you are struggling, confess it to those you have offended and ask for God's forgiveness.  May you be contagious to those who you meet and minister to.

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