Thursday, April 23, 2009

How To Make Announcements Fun!

Announcements always seem to take to long and if you have someone standing up front reading them, chances are good that most of your students (and leaders) are not paying any attention to them.  

Have fun with the announcements and get students looking forward to them.  Get a video camera (borrow one if you need) and a willing person (students work great because they like to see themselves up front, it is also a great way to have staff involved, I have even used the Manager at Wendy's) and start creating.  If you have a computer and are willing to try to edit the video, even better.

If you own an Apple, iMovie is a great beginner application to use.  PC users should try Movie Maker, Pinnacle or whatever you have available on your PC.  Ask others what they use.  If you find someone who has good resources, chances are they enjoy video editing.  Ask them if they would help you out every other week for a couple months until you get the hang of it, by then they are usually hooked. 

The more creative you are with announcements the better your response to activities and programs.  Have fun!

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Tony Myles said...

Nice! Always fun to use video.

My favorite line is "...if you love the Lord like you say you do, you better put some money in the jug."

I'm going to use this quote of Proulx's in an upcoming tithing message. :)