Monday, June 15, 2009

Basic Student Ministry Tip 10

Many youth pastors have been accused of mishandling money in their ministries; we don't need anymore added to the list.  Here are a couple tips to keep you out of the "money pit" in your ministry:
  • Have someone else handle the money!
  • Have volunteer leaders be responsible for all cash.
  • When counting cash always make sure there are at least two volunteers.
  • Never let students count or handle money, why put temptation in front of them?
  • Accountability matters, keep great records.

1 comment:

Pastor Holister said...

I've had some pastors on staff who have admitted to mishandling funds and asked for accountability. Thanks for encouraging pastors to NOT work with money. I will be using these tips with my staff and making sure there are high levels of accountability. Nothing I haven't heard before, but a GREAT reminder. Thank you.